GuideWeb MapSynthesiser


The MapSynthesiser is a new and cost effective technology for vehicle navigation support. It is a traffic sensor, which provides data on the current traffic status of a multitude routes. Each MapSynthesiser is autonomous, i.e. it required no support from external processing, evaluation or distribution units for the functioning of the system.

The MapSynthesiser being the autonomous individual component of the GuideWeb receives map syntheses from other participants and aggregates all received information into the NowMap combined with the information gathered from its own travel. Hence, the longer the MapSynthesiser receives information, the better and the more accurate the view becomes and eventually the available and passable routes will be at its disposition. Within the GuideWeb the MapSynthesiser autonomously generates a reliable individual NowMap of virtually every participant’s best knowledge of traffic and environment. The NowMap provides the basis for the map synthesis to be broadcasted.


A MapSynthesiser uses either free of charge digital short-range radio in the 2.4 or 5 GHz band or a mobile communication network (GSM, UMTS, LTE …).

Information is disseminated in form of messages. For that the broadcast mechanism is used. With that time consuming connection setup and release can be omitted.