GuideWeb – Making use of Collective Intelligence

GuideWeb optimizes vehicle navigation by timely and accurate traffic information (in a range approx. 50 km) based on with Smartphone communicating vehicles.

As a participant in GuideWeb the user receives first hand traffic information. A vehicle meeting another one has information about the traffic situation to be expected – it allows a glimpse of its own future! Through this the GuideWeb participant (respectively the navigation system) can with the knowledge of the traffic situations in “his future” choose his optimal travel route. GuideWeb supplements in near range other traffic information services very nicely. Participation in GuideWeb is for free – only the SW application MapSynthesiser and Smartphone for communication and information exchange between vehicles have to be available.

GuideWeb offers beyond traffic flow optimization additional opportunities of Location Based Services (notifications, advertisements, etc.). Customers get more and more used to act not only a consumer but also as a producer becoming a “prosumer” (Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, …). In this new way to see himself GuideWeb supports him – the GuideWeb principle: one gives, one takes.

GuideWeb saves the customer money and allows relaxed driving comfort and thus improves safety.