GuideWeb – Concept

At first glance: The key benefits

GuideWeb is an upgradeable and extensible support system for navigation and guidance

  • providing timely and accurate information on traffic speed, traffic density and traffic trends within a range that can be chosen
  • with no (recurrent) service charge
  • for minimum cost
  • ensuring privacy and data security (no tracing).

GuideWeb is the technique for an information process for vehicle navigation. Resulting from the GuideWeb process the navigation system has access to information on expected traffic flows, densities and trends and is thus enabled to optimize route choice.

Participating in the GuideWeb process is extremely easy – the application MapSynthesiser executes on the platform (Smartphone, mobile or embedded navigation device …) of the navigation system. The MapSynthesiser application executes autonomously and doesn’t require any user inputs.

GuideWeb emerges through the communicating MapSynthesiser applications in the vehicles. The application MapSynthesiser receives traffic information from other MapSynthesiser, processes them and distributes them further by broadcasts.

The participants of the GuideWeb broadcast their information and knowledge about traffic and environment in the form of a map synthesis. A map synthesis is a synthesized map containing the aggregation of all the routes participants of the GuideWeb have traversed and their speed information as well as the same information of all other participants met during their travel. The map synthesis is thus a map that is based on routes traversed by one of the GuideWeb participants together with the average speed and the average traffic density.

This information is disseminated in such a way that privacy is ensured and tracing of any participant is not possible. Further, there is no obligation to broadcast and/or receive information.